Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing In 2022

In this article, I will reveal to you the best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing In 2022 and I will also show you how to find the hottest markets on Clickbank. And I will also show you the top three highest converting products within that market to promote using the top ten best free traffic methods.

Some of these free traffic methods for affiliate marketing you may never have heard of before, so make sure you stick around for the entire post. And In case you are totally new, I’ll show you how to sign up to Clickbank and the fastest way to find the best products to promote. And we will also break down the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing in 2022 counting down from ten to one.

If you prefer watching videos, in the video below I reveal to you the best Free Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing In 2022.

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Make sure you stick around for free traffic source number one because it is definitely the easiest way to get free traffic right now. I have been able to build a following of over 10,000 people in less than 30 days and I’ve had over 151K views.

So make sure you read this entire article until the end so you don’t miss any of the free traffic sources for affiliate marketing in 2022 that we will be covering. Alright, let’s dive in and get started.

If you don’t already have a Clickbank account head over and sign up.


Once you are logged in, head over to the Clickbank affiliate marketplace and look for the search icon. It looks like a magnifying glass.


Click on that and that and it will list the top selling products on Clickbank. Here’s what you need to look for. You will want to choose a product with an average payout of at least $100 with preferably a back end recurring payment of $20 or more.

What that means is that you will receive commissions each month as long as they remain subscribed to the offer. It could be supplements or a monthly membership site. See the image below (Exipure) with an average payout of $152.59 and a recurring rebill of $43.42.


The beauty of that is you only have to make one sale but you continue to get paid month after month so make sure the product you choose to promote as an affiliate also has recurring payments as well.

As you can see from this search the hottest market on Clickbank is Health and Fitness and specifically supplement offers within the health and fitness market. Grab your affiliate link for the top three products and head over to Bitly to shorten your links.


Why the top three products, I will cover why in just a moment so stick around for that. Next save your Clickbank Hoplinks that you just shortened somewhere where you can find them, because you will need them in the next steps that we are about to cover.

There are free strategies for getting affiliate marketing traffic and in this post, we will cover the top ten best free traffic methods that you can use to get traffic to your affiliate links. And if you stick around until the end of the post, I’ll give you a bonus traffic strategy I call the Traffic Tsunami Method which is the best way to build an online business for the least amount of time invested.

Before we dive into the free traffic sources, let’s first cover a key concept to understand when it comes to affiliate marketing. You as an affiliate marketer are looking for quality products to promote that help people to achieve a goal or solve a particular problem often referred to as a pain point.

In the Health and Fitness niche you are trying to help people lose weight or get in better shape, in the Wealth niche you are trying to help people make more money or invest more wisely. Does that make sense?


Now that you understand that you are in the problem solving business, you have to think about where people might be on the web already looking for a solution to a problem that they may have.

We are about to cover the top ten free sites where you can get free traffic, but before you start creating content. You need to know what type of people that you want to attract that would be interested in your affiliate offer.

Do they want to lose weight to feel better about themselves? To look more attractive? You have to think about the persons age, gender and whether you are targeting men or women, you have to think about their likes and dislikes, their fears and what motivates them.

You also have to think about what other methods they may have tried to lose weight in the past and why this method that you are proposing is a better solution for them. Then you need to create free valuable content using one or more of these free traffic sources for promoting affiliate offers that we are about to cover to attract your ideal prospect who would be interested in the affiliate offer you are promoting.


Now you can direct link to affiliate offers using some of these free traffic methods but the best strategy for creating a sustainable and profitable online business, I will cover later in this article so make sure you read this entire post.

Now let’s cover the top ten free traffic sources and I will break them down into categories. Let me briefly touch on the three ways people like to receive and consume information. Some people are auditory learners and prefer to receive information in the form of a podcast or talk radio format.

Some people prefer to learn by reading and the third group are visual learners and prefer to watch video content. So the best overall strategy is to create free valuable content in all three categories as a long term strategy.

Now that may sound overwhelming right now, but I suggest you tackle the category that comes easiest to you first and then over time add the different mediums as you progress. For example if you prefer writing then start by writing, or if you prefer talking then perhaps a podcast would be the best place for you to start.


Now let’s go over the top ten and stick around for which of the top ten free traffic strategies is the easiest to get traffic from right now. Starting with number 10: it has 175.2M Monthly visits and 25% are from the USA.  You write articles on medium and you can link back to your free WordPress blog. More about that in a second.

Number 9: Tik Tok has over 252 Million Monthly visits 20% from the USA You can also add a link to your site after you reach 1000 followers Number 8: Pinterest has 369M Monthly visits 42% from the USA, it is easy to post images using Canva templates and link back to your blog.

Number 7: Quora has 550.6M Monthly visits 38% from the USA You can answer peoples questions and make use of Quora Spaces. Number 6:  Reddit has 1.1 Billion Monthly users 47% from the USA .

Number 5: Instagram has over 6.2 Billion Monthly users 18% are from the USA You can post images and short videos known as Instagram reels to attract your ideal prospect.

Number 4:Twitter has 6.5 Billion monthly users 25% from the USA You can Tweet content from other sites like your blog, Youtube or post original short tweets.

Number 3: Facebook has 20 Billion monthly users 22% from the USA. You can optimize your profile and add up to 5000 friends, and you can also create a Facebook Group: And build a community around a niche market.


Number 2: Youtube has 34 Billion Monthly users 20% from the USA. You can create your own Youtube Channel and build a targeted niche specific audience.

1: Google has 37.2 Billion Monthly users 26% USA You can show up for Google search using a free WordPress Blog or create a WordPress Blog on your own domain. I host my domain here because it is reliable, fast and they also have great customer service.

Try to think of your own domain with a wordpress blog as a funnel hub where you attract prospects and from there you can link to a lead capture page, you can create very high converting lead capture pages using Clickfunnels.

The bonus traffic source I wanted to mention is a Podcast, I know people who earn 6 and 7 figures and their primary traffic source is a podcast. So don’t under estimate how valuable a podcast can be. A great free place to host your podcast is Buzz Sprout and as your audience grows you can upgrade to unlock more features.

Now the best strategy to build a sustainable and profitable online business working from home or anywhere in the world is to use a landing page with a lead magnet to capture your prospects email address. If you don’t know what a lead magnet is, it is basically something your ideal prospect would love to get their hands on for free.


In the weight loss niche for example it might be something like. “How I lost 10 pounds in 7 days without dieting”. Make sure it is a favourable time based outcome without the usual pain associated with tackling the problem.

In the make money online niche, it could be. “How to get 100k views in 30 days without paying for traffic”. Once you create your lead magnet, which could be a PDF, checklist or cheat sheet or small e-book. You set up a landing page where you just ask for their email address.

If you attract the right prospect and your lead magnet speaks to them then you can expect a 50% or higher opt-in rate which means if you have a 100 visitors to your landing page 50 or more of them will join your email list for your free lead magnet.

And once they enter their email address you can follow up with them via automated email messages and live email messages as well. The great part about capturing someone’s email is that you now have the ability to market various offers to them over time and to develop a relationship with them.


Which is much more effective than just sending someone to an affiliate offer. The automated emails that you will send out will allow you to create a passive income over time as your traffic and following begins to grow.

That is why I highly suggest you set up a landing page and get an email autoresponder as a better way of creating sustainable income. I use Clickfunells for my landing pages and funnels and I use Active Campaign for my email autoresponder because they have great deliverability and they make it easy to set up email automations.

On my WordPress blog, I use Optinmonster to capture prospects emails right on my blog instead of sending them to a lead capture page. But it is much less effective than sending prospects to a dedicated landing page using Clickfunnels.

If you would like to learn more about how to make money online from home, then make sure you check out my free 6 figure checklist below called the “Secret To Quitting Your Day Job, which can be found in the just below this post.

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